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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Bee and Wasp Nest Removal on Your Own

Wildlife removal services regularly rid homeowners of bee and wasp infestations. Beehives and wasp nests are typically found in the wild, but there are times when these kinds of wildlife will choose our Toronto homes as their nesting sites. Eaves and overhangs can present a sheltered spot for these insects to establish new homes, while others may choose attic spaces and even build a hive within your home’s walls.

It’s important to allow a professional Toronto wildlife removal specialist attend to your bee or wasp issue, because while the insects themselves can present a danger to allergic persons, an entire nest or hive can be the source of potential tragedy.

Bees and wasps are not often aggressive by nature, but each will defend their hives or nests with force. This often results in swarming behavior and painful stings.

While a single bee or wasp sting isn’t often a reason for worry, multiple stings can cause health problems. An allergic person can have a severe reaction that requires a visit to the hospital. For this reason, always contact a wildlife removal service to assist you.

Having bees or wasps professionally remediated by a wildlife removal company presents the least risk to you and your pets. These insects can present a serious danger to household animals. An angered swarm can quickly overcome dogs and cats.

Bees are attracted to sweet-smelling items like flowers and fruit, so you may find the occasional bee trapped within your home. You can always call a wildlife removal specialist to understand how to identify the type of bee and determine if you have an infestation or merely a trapped insect.

If you suspect your home may harbor a beehive or wasp nest, contact your Toronto wildlife removal company immediately. Some nest removals can prove very difficult, and it’s always best to allow the professionals to take care of the problem.

Humane Wildlife Removal can safely and humanely remove errant wildlife from your Toronto home. Contact us to learn about our other services as well, including raccoon, squirrel, and skunk removal.

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