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The Damage Wildlife Can Do To Home Interiors

Wild animals are interesting and adorable in their natural habitats. But, when they enter your habitat, the situation is quite different. A wild animal that is in your house must be removed quickly by a wildlife removal expert or it can cause extensive damage to many parts of the home. Here are some examples of what unchecked wildlife could do to the inside of your home:

Insulation Damage

Animals like insulation for the same reasons that we do. Unfortunately, they see it as removable pieces of bedding that they can use to keep warm wherever they rest. A Squirrel in your walls can chew through and pull out large chunks of insulation to create a warm little cavern for itself; unfortunately, this means poorly insulated walls for you. A raccoon could do the same to your attic.


Even the rudest human houseguest knows how to discretely use the bathroom. Small animals in your attic, walls, or crawlspace however, do not. They must be removed before they turn a part of your home into their own restroom facilities. Birds and bats that take shelter under your eaves or other overhangs will also leave a malodourous mess over time.


Animals and birds of all sizes can make holes all over your house. Squirrels and other rodents will chew holes into your walls while woodpeckers will poke smaller holes that create a pathway for mould- and rot-causing moisture. Some animals may also dig into your roof, compromising your primary protection from the elements.

If you need to remove a wild animal from your house, then contact us. We specialize in the humane removal of bats, birds, rodents, and other wildlife from commercial and residential buildings. Call us for more information about animal removal or visit our website to read about our individual services.

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