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Signs Your Home Has Been Infiltrated by Small Woodland Creatures

Raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, and bugs are only a few of the creatures that can have you calling your Toronto wildlife removal company in a panic. There are several indicators that you may have a problem with any of these creatures, so read on to learn about a few of the ways you can spot a potential issue.


The pitter-patter of tiny feet upon your roof, a telltale buzz within your walls, and the crash of the trashcan outside are all signs of nuisance wildlife. From squirrels in the attic to unwanted opossum visitors, wildlife often makes a racket when inside your home.

Overturned Garbage:

An obvious sign of raccoons are the ubiquitous toppled garbage cans. Raccoons can also infiltrate your home and garden, attacking live fish in ponds and raiding your vegetables.


Most animals leave things behind. Stashed food items begin to spoil, and their droppings can soak into parts of your home, creating a strong smell. If you notice pervasive odour within specific areas of your home, call your wildlife removal company. You may have an unwanted guest.

Dead Animals:

Sometimes injured or sick animals wander into more populated areas. If you’ve spotted dead birds or other small mammals, you could have either an opportunistic predator like a raccoon present, or a diseased animal that may be spreading sickness.

Agitated Pets:

If your dog is fixated on an area with its nose to the ground or barks frequently, he may be pursuing another animal.

Increased Animal Presence:

Visible wildlife isn’t unusual, even in suburban Toronto. But if you regularly spot birds, bats, or raccoons around your home, they may have taken up residence. Contact your appropriate wildlife removal company to rectify the problem.

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