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Pigeon Control TorontoPigeon Removal Toronto. Bird control is a set of procedures that limit the activities of birds. We provide management solutions that aim at limiting the activities of birds for example pigeons, crows, sparrows and seagulls. We do so by installing deterrents in roofing that prevent birds from landing and roosting on roofs and other areas. Call: 647-560-0322
The birds will soon be compelled to go to a different location, should you make affected areas inaccessible. Our technicians will also offer tips on covering or removing food and water sources that can possibly pull the birds in the first place. We supply bird control alternatives for pigeons, crows, seagulls. Contact us now to book a free inspection with our technicians.

Feral pigeons are one of the most common pest birds in Toronto. Removing pigeons is important because of the many problems pigeons can cause. They can soil large areas and they carry diseases that can be harmful to people. They’re comfortable with living in urban communities and are generally grey in color, with iridescent feathers around the throat and mind, trouble pigeons generally have marks in dark, white or brownish around the throat. Pigeons generally nest in creating ledges, roofs, AC units or windowsills.

Pigeons readily adjust to their surroundings. They can roost on roofs, ledges, large apartment buildings and anywhere where they can be close to a source of food.

We provide effective pigeon control solutions that are humane but deal with the root cause of the problem.