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Most Effective Approaches to Bird and Bat Exclusion

Raccoons and squirrels aren’t the only problem when you are trying to keep wildlife out of your home or workplace. Bats and birds will make a mess of places that are far outside the reach of your average squirrels. There are many safe and humane ways that a bat and bird removal expert can ensure your property does not become a shelter for wildlife. Here are some of the most effective approaches:


Nets are an easy way to block birds and bats from entering otherwise appealing areas. With this method, the removal and exclusion expert will install a net that covers all exposed rafters and struts to seal off the perching and roosting areas that the structure under a roof might provide.

Caulking and Screening

Bats can be kept out of attics and similar areas by sealing off entrances. First, a wildlife removal expert will ensure that there are no bats inside the structure. Then, any small entrance holes will be filled in with caulk and larger points will be covered with a type of screen that will prevent bats—and any other creatures—entrance.

Bird Slide

This approach is meant to prevent birds from perching on small ledges, generally along the side of a building. The process involves a bird removal and exclusion company fitting ledges with what looks like half of a steeply pitched roof that butts up against the building. This is very effective as it removes all landing space for birds.

Hiring a company that specializes in bird and bat exclusion is beneficial for both peace of mind and cleanliness of your home or workplace. If you want to free your home of guano and nests, then call Humane wildlife removal today. We remove and provide exclusion services against birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons and many other wildlife nuisances using humane and professional methods. Visit our website for more exclusion options.

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