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Common Wildlife that Could be Making Your Toronto Home their Own

oronto is a beautiful city, and the surrounding area is full of wildlife. Some of these creatures venture into our neighborhoods and into our homes, making wildlife removal services necessary.

Small Mammals

These mammals regularly cause havoc in Toronto neighborhoods. From overturned trashcans to aggressive, rabid attacks, raccoons present difficult problems for homeowners to face. Humane raccoon removal can help free your home from these animals. Squirrels can burrow underneath houses, chase birds from feeders, and create structural issues that require costly repairs. Opossums can carry diseases transferable to your pets. Toronto wildlife removal companies specialize in the humane capture and removal of all of these creatures, and help you avoid unnecessary contact with them.

Birds and Bats

Some parts of our homes attract pigeons and other birds. These animals build nests and cover properties in bird droppings. These droppings present several problems, from visible mess and odour to potential health hazards.

Bats present a very similar risk. They enjoy dark and warm spaces, so soffits and attics are common areas for these flying mammals to inhabit. Their droppings can be extremely odourous, and while bats are typically timid and avoid human contact, they can carry rabies and pose a risk if you or a pet is bitten.


Bees and wasps traditionally travel in swarms when seeking a new hive or nesting site, and they occasionally choose our homes. In addition to stings and attacks, they can cause secondary problems—wasps can chew through wood, while bees can attract ants with honey.

Humane wildlife Removal of Toronto can help humanely rid your home of all these pests. Contact us to learn more, or visit our website to explore our removal and exclusion solutions for your home.

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