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Humane raccoon removal TorontoRaccoon removal Toronto. Reliable raccoon removal solutions are provided by our technicians. Raccoons are removed by us from lofts, sheds, garages. Contact us today. We’ll send a technician for an inspection and determine the best way to remove the animals. Humane and affordable solutions.

Raccoons can not only do damage where they create their dens, they can also cause health problems to you and your family. Raccoons find their way in attics, sheds, and even in some cases basements. They  are known to make holes, damage insulation and bring debris in your area. They are carries of rabies, and they also bring with them a series of pathogens. If you have problems with raccoons living in your space, contact us to book a free inspection.

The raccoon (Procyon lotor) generally inhabits wooded areas next to a water sources in addition to urban areas including Toronto. Raccoons will boom in any place that has shelter possibilities and food sources. By day, raccoons den in hollow trees, rock crevices, other creature nests, and in the parks, cities, lofts, sheds, garages and more. Additionally they frequently den in chimneys, and culverts.
Since males can be competitive, the female raises her young alone and tolerates the male merely during mating. Normally, raccoons give birth between April or May maybe. A litter normally comprises two to five young.

Between the months of March and June, there can be a mom and her young occupying the loft, so enable her time to take them to an alternate website. We also analyze the exterior of the building for tree limbs that offer bridges to your own home.