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Wildlife Removal Toronto

Wildlife removal Toronto. Humane wildlife removal. Effective and affordable solutions. Affordable and effective removal solutions in Toronto. Call: 647-560-0322

Toronto is home to several species of extremely adaptable animals. As the city grows so do the number of problems faced by residents. These animals have adapted to city life and frequently cause problems when their activities interfere with everyday life. Squirrels and raccoons seem to just do better in the city. The live longer and reproduce more often.

Raccoons discovered that dumpsters, garbage cans, and pet dishes make simple sources of food. Raccoons and squirrels enter attics and cause damage in the thousands not to mention keep you up at night. A wildlife intrusion, even when bearable, can lead to many other problems down the line. Roof damage can in turn cause water leaks, chewed cables can be a fire hazard, torn insulation can lead to a higher heating bill and their presence can be a source of contamination of the air you breath indoors.

We can help. Our technicians not only trap and remove the animals, they take all the necessary steps to make sure they wont enter your space again. This means that we seal all entry points and help you to take the preventative measures. We specialize in wildlife removal and our technicians deal with even the most challenging scenarios.

Don’t lose sleep over your wildlife problem. Let us deal with it. We offer affordable solutions and our services are guaranteed.

Raccoons can often find shelter in attics, garages and sheds. Our technicians provide effective and humane solutions for removing raccoons. Learn more about our raccoon removal services.

If squirrels are keeping you up at night, call us. Have our technicians remove the squirrels from your property permanently and humanely. Find out more about squirrel removal Toronto services.
We remove all kinds of Wildlife from your space including skunks, opossums, groundhogs, bats and all birds. Call us today and learn about what our technicians can do for you.

Skunks become active in the summer months. In many occasions they find shelter under decks and in backyards. If you have a skunk problem we can help.

Little brown bats are common in Toronto during the summer time. They enter attics where they raise their young. They can be a nuisance and a health hazard. Call us if you are experiencing problems with bats.