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Tips for Keeping Pesky Raccoons and Squirrels Out of Your Trash

Raccoons are notorious for overturning garbage cans, creating a massive mess and lots of disruptive noise in your neighborhood. They love to strike after nightfall, when most people and pets are asleep, so it can be hard to catch these mammals in the act. Wildlife removal services can help you with a squirrel or raccoon problem, but there are a few things you can do around your home to discourage raccoons from invading your trash.

Squirrels also present a problem, though their trash infiltrations usually result in small messes rather than wanton destruction. Humane squirrel removal is often the best solution for these pests, because they can often work around even the most innovative and secure garbage receptacles.

Secure Trash Cans

Closing your garbage cans with bungee cords or other methods can help deter these animals, but raccoons are very talented with their forepaws. Even a garbage can that comes with a lid that closes in place can be opened with a simple shove.

Contact your raccoon removal specialist to learn how to secure your garbage against invasion. With the right trash can or container, you may be able to entirely prevent raccoons from accessing your garbage.

Humane Removal

Another quality that both raccoons and squirrels possess is persistence. There may be times when a secured garbage receptacle just won’t cut it. Humane removal by a Toronto wildlife removal company is a sure way to rid your home and yard of these mammals.

Humane Wildlife Removal of Toronto can help you with a raccoon or squirrel problem. Our humane raccoon removal services can keep these animals from returning to your home. Call us to learn more.

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