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Humanely removing and excluding local wildlife from the warmth and comfort of our homes is an important part of home maintenance. Even if they are adorable, we must remember that they can cause extensive and expensive damage to residential and commercial structures. If you want to know more about keeping wildlife out of our homes and workplaces, then check out these links:

  • The City of Toronto has some laws and guidelines about the removal and disposal of wildlife creatures.
  • This article from the Toronto Star illustrates the trouble that raccoons have been causing in the area.
  • Learn a few ways you can try getting a squirrel out of your wall at
  • has a good article on protecting your garden from pesky birds.
  • This eHowguide gives you one way of convincing a squirrel to vacate your attic.
  • This fact sheet from the Ontario MNR explains why distant relocations are frowned upon, and even disallowed when wildlife control companies remove healthy animals.
  • This Old House has instructions for keeping bats out of your attic, especially during the birthing season.
  • If you’ve come across opossums

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