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4 Signs You Should Call a Humane Wildlife Removal Specialist ASAP

In the wild, animals are fascinating beings that should be left undisturbed and treated with respect.  However, our Toronto communities are not places in which wild animals should live. Their presence can pose a threat to us, our property, and the animals themselves. Here are 4 signs that you should call a wildlife removal specialist right away.

1.      You’re concerned that an animal may have rabies.

If you suspect a raccoon or some other animal may be rabid, then call a wildlife removal specialist immediately. Symptoms of rabies in animals include abnormal aggression, confusion, and sleeping patterns (for example, seeing a raccoon wandering about during the day). A rabid animal poses a very serious threat to your pets, children, and people in general.

2.      You have animals living in your home.

If animals are taking up residence in your home, then you should call a wildlife removal expert as soon as possible. Not only do animals pose a potential risk of biting or attacking your pets and family, their fecal matter and urine create unsanitary conditions. They are likely also doing damage to the structure of your home. Again, don’t try to remove the wild animal yourself, have a wildlife removal service take care of any problems to ensure safe, humane removal.

3.      Animals are causing damage to your property

Animals, most commonly raccoons, can knock over garbage cans and make a mess of your property, which may then attract even more animals, such as opossums. The best way to humanely deal with this kind of nuisance is to have a wildlife removal service deal with the animals and wildlife-proof your home.

4.      You see an animal is in a dangerous situation.

Sometimes, wild animals wander into traffic or some other situation in which they are at risk of death or injury. Don’t ever try to move or handle a wild animal yourself: Call a wildlife removal service.

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