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Month: August 2013

Tips for Keeping Pesky Raccoons and Squirrels Out of Your Trash

Raccoons are notorious for overturning garbage cans, creating a massive mess and lots of disruptive noise in your neighborhood. They love to strike after nightfall, when most people and pets are asleep, so it can be hard to catch these mammals in the act. Wildlife removal services can help you with a squirrel or raccoon problem, but there are a few things you can do around your home to discourage raccoons from invading your trash. (more…)

How Quickly Can Wildlife Turn a Home Into a Nesting Ground?

A house offers many nooks and crannies that can make perfectly suitable nests for various animals. Wildlife removal should happen as soon as possible to prevent nests from being established, because it doesn’t take long. Here are some common spots in homes around Toronto that wildlife can easily and quickly turn into their nesting grounds.

  • Attics

One of the most common nesting sites for wildlife in your home is the attic. Attics are often rarely visited by the residents of the house, allowing animals to make nests and take up permanent residence. Squirrels, mice, birds, and bats can all turn your attic into their private home. Many attics have cracks or holes under eaves for ventilation that animals can easily get through. It’s important to make sure that your attic is both ventilated and sealed off to animal intruders.

  • Crawlspaces

Wildlife of all kinds tends to prefer quiet, untraveled areas in which to make their nests; crawlspaces fit these descriptors exactly. If a crawlspace is not sealed, then wildlife will quickly turn these passageways into their own private homes. Only a professional wildlife removal service should attempt to remove animals from crawlspaces, as mobility can be restricted, making the situation all the more dangerous.

  • Walls

Some homeowners may be horrified the first time they here scampering feet moving about their walls, but this is not an uncommon situation. Sometimes, cracks in outdoor siding or an indoor hole allows squirrels and other nesting animals to get into the walls of your home. Mice and other rodents can cause problems to your electrical system as they are known to gnaw on wires.

If your home has been turned into a nesting ground, then call Humane Wildlife Control. We handle all types of wildlife removal needs, including raccoon removal, opossum removal, skunk removal, squirrel removal, and more. To find out more, visit our website or call us.

Wildlife Home Protection

Nasty weather will drive anyone indoors, including local wildlife. Wild animals can enter your walls, crawlspace, and attic through holes much smaller than you might expect. Once inside, animals seeking comfort and food can do a lot more damage to a home than people often realize.

This Angie’s List report explains how much damage just a few small critters can do. The report gives examples of massive repairs needed after a small rodent invasion and other similar situations. A speaker in the video also warns you of how little space is needed for mice to enter a home, prompting you to fill any holes in your house’s walls or roof.

We can humanely remove any wildlife creatures and ensure that they can’t get back into your home. Contact us for more information.

Read More Wildlife Removal Resources!

Humanely removing and excluding local wildlife from the warmth and comfort of our homes is an important part of home maintenance. Even if they are adorable, we must remember that they can cause extensive and expensive damage to residential and commercial structures. If you want to know more about keeping wildlife out of our homes and workplaces, then check out these links: (more…)

Dealing with Bee and Wasp Hives on Your Property

Bees and wasps are common pests that can be very dangerous to those who are allergic to their stings and bites. Unfortunately for homeowners, there flying insects like to use nooks and crevices, both indoors and out, in order to set up hives. Here are some tips and guidelines for dealing with bee and wasp hives that need removal. (more…)

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Common Wildlife that Could be Making Your Toronto Home their Own

oronto is a beautiful city, and the surrounding area is full of wildlife. Some of these creatures venture into our neighborhoods and into our homes, making wildlife removal services necessary. (more…)

Health Risks Associated with Wildlife Living in Walls, Crawlspaces, and Attics

Wildlife living in your walls and other parts of your house may be noisy and irritating, but they are much more than a simple nuisance. Animals living in your house pose serious dangers to your home and family. Squirrels and other animals like raccoons can cause damage to insulation and electrical wiring, but worst of all: Wildlife poses serious health risks.

Animal droppings

Any animal that is living in your home will produce droppings that are much worse than a disgusting annoyance. If birds or bats are living in your attic, their droppings can cause serious diseases, like histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. Rat and mouse droppings come with their own share of diseases and infection risks, including Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. The longer you wait to call a wildlife removal service, the more disease-ridden fecal matter and urine will accumulate in the walls, attic, or basement of your home.

Parasites and other sources of disease

Wildlife brings in fleas and other parasites from the outdoors and provides them a home inside your house. Rats, opossums, and other pests can carry the fleas which carry diseases, like murine typhus. Even if the fleas are not carrying diseases, their bites can be exceptionally irritating. Wildlife removal services can get rid of the vessel on which these parasites enter your home.


In some rare instances, homeowners are attacked by pests and bitten when going into the attic or crawlspace. Aside from the bite itself, some animal, like mice and rats, can transmit diseases like rat-bite fever and rabies. All wildlife bites should be taken very seriously. Removal of the wildlife from your home will eliminate the threat of your pets or someone in your family being bitten.

If you have animals living in your Toronto residence, then don’t hesitate to call Humane Wildlife Removal to have them humanely removed. We handle wildlife cases of all types, including raccoon, squirrel, skunk, and opossum removal. We can also seal your home so animals do not return. Call us todayor visit us on the web.

Mission Impossible Raccoon

Raccoons are very pervasive and persistent pests that plague neighborhoods in Toronto and across the continent. They create destructive nuisances wherever they venture, especially in suburban areas. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Bee and Wasp Nest Removal on Your Own

Wildlife removal services regularly rid homeowners of bee and wasp infestations. Beehives and wasp nests are typically found in the wild, but there are times when these kinds of wildlife will choose our Toronto homes as their nesting sites. Eaves and overhangs can present a sheltered spot for these insects to establish new homes, while others may choose attic spaces and even build a hive within your home’s walls.

It’s important to allow a professional Toronto wildlife removal specialist attend to your bee or wasp issue, because while the insects themselves can present a danger to allergic persons, an entire nest or hive can be the source of potential tragedy.

Bees and wasps are not often aggressive by nature, but each will defend their hives or nests with force. This often results in swarming behavior and painful stings.

While a single bee or wasp sting isn’t often a reason for worry, multiple stings can cause health problems. An allergic person can have a severe reaction that requires a visit to the hospital. For this reason, always contact a wildlife removal service to assist you.

Having bees or wasps professionally remediated by a wildlife removal company presents the least risk to you and your pets. These insects can present a serious danger to household animals. An angered swarm can quickly overcome dogs and cats.

Bees are attracted to sweet-smelling items like flowers and fruit, so you may find the occasional bee trapped within your home. You can always call a wildlife removal specialist to understand how to identify the type of bee and determine if you have an infestation or merely a trapped insect.

If you suspect your home may harbor a beehive or wasp nest, contact your Toronto wildlife removal company immediately. Some nest removals can prove very difficult, and it’s always best to allow the professionals to take care of the problem.

Humane Wildlife Removal can safely and humanely remove errant wildlife from your Toronto home. Contact us to learn about our other services as well, including raccoon, squirrel, and skunk removal.

The Damage Wildlife Can Do To Home Interiors

Wild animals are interesting and adorable in their natural habitats. But, when they enter your habitat, the situation is quite different. A wild animal that is in your house must be removed quickly by a wildlife removal expert or it can cause extensive damage to many parts of the home. Here are some examples of what unchecked wildlife could do to the inside of your home: (more…)